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These detailed door lights and transoms are 3 layers each and are gilded with real silver.

Client testimonial:My wife and I were introduced to Wynia several years back as we were making a few upgrades to our home. Understanding our desires to bring a bit more nature into our home, an architect we were working with suggested we meet with Wynia to design some sidelights for our entry. After exploring Wynia’s gallery we felt we connected pretty well, she seemed to intuit the gestalt we wanted to create. The sidelights turned out so well we contracted several more pieces, including some very detailed pocket doors into our living room, and an extremely creative and collaborative effort creating custom lamps for our living room, dining room, and foyer.

In every step of the process, and over several months, we found working with Wynia to be a truly delightful experience. Working with contractors seems to test the patience of most people, sometimes to the breaking point, but this was never the case with Wynia. Our suggestions and choices were always respected and we always felt we were working together in the creative process, not standing apart. Should the opportunity arise, we would not hesitate for a moment to work with her again.