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Mother Nature is my favorite artist. In particular, beetles, pods, and leaves have accumulated in my studio. I appreciate the honesty of a surface that has been recording its history of wear and weather.cheap diflucan online

Visual pattern of all kinds d­­raw me in; the organic patterning of sand sculpted by lapping water,  the vein pattern of leaves and insect wings, culturally generated geometric pattern is mesmerizing. That is where I started.


In my 20’s, left to my own with a sharp blade and a cutting mat, I meticulously cut, scored and folded card weight paper into 3 dimensional patterns. I developed them into a line of greeting cards I sold in Japan. A neighbor taught me how to silk screen the patterns onto glass and I layered them with space in between.  I was intrigued by the kinetic nature of one geometric pattern passing over related patterns behind it. Eager to see what light would add from both sides, I had these patterns sandblasted into the glass so they were translucent and one pattern projected onto the next.

How I Landed Here

As I was exploring this medium, I was working for Balance Associates, an architectural firm specializing in energy efficient building practices. Double and triple glazed windows were an obvious application for layering patterns in glass. My first project was for the architect's house in Leshi. See Euclid Entry under Doors and Windows.